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The Perfect Piece of Firewood


It is scientifically proven that having a tangible piece of nature inside your office tower, apartment, suburbia house or cabin in the woods can help calm frayed nerves, relax the soul and put you back in touch with what matters.

This simple small block of firewood is the perfect piece to stare at, touch, hold and smell to help you escape if only for a minute. 

Each piece is unique in it's own way and all are about 5" - 7" tall - perfect size for a bookshelf, desk, countertop, edge of the tub - anywhere you need a little calming help.

I split a lot of wood this season and every now and then would pull out a select piece or two that I felt too neat, too perfect for the fire. It may seem silly, but having this little piece of nature in your indoor life may be all that you need to reset for the day.

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