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Sweet Cherry Burl


Something amazing happens when a tree develops a burl - magical wonderful things. Much like the markings of the Ambrosia beetle on maple a burl typically is not good for the tree. Mostly it is a result of a fungus or injury to tree - but their loss is our gain.

Tightly packed grains and swirls develop through the process and the wood becomes mesmerizing.

Check out this fine example of a cherry burl - it makes the absolute perfect charcuterie board. Something so regal and at home anywhere it will impress your friends and make your neighbors jealous.

Dimensions: 32" X 18" X 2" These dimensions are tip to tip and includes the bark

Please remember all of our boards are all natural and made from WOOD. There are cracks and splits - and thats what makes it unique and not one of a million available at Walmart. This is the only one of its kind.

FREE SHIPPING on all charcuterie boards.

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