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Stacking Wooden Zen Rocks


Simply holding one of these wood Zen Rocks can be comforting and bring a sense of calm in what can be stormy seas. 

Hand crafted and smoothed these hardwood Zen Rocks are the perfect addition to an office desk, cabin game drawer, coffee shop, brewery or the family room coffee table.

Stacking the wooden Zen Rocks brings both a sense of excitement and a calming presence. Concentration is required to perfectly balance the rocks and can be as agaonizing and rewarding as that last piece during Jenga.

These rocks make a perfect desk companion for long conference calls where you haven't said a word. Or imagine a rainy day inside at the lake, shut the tv off, out away the tablets and engage with stacking these for hours.   

For generations Cairns have been used to mark the trail and lead travelers along the way, these desktop rocks to do the same for you. These smooth wood rocks can be used as a focal point during meditation or as an Irish worry stone to keep in your pocket and rub when life becomes a bit much.

Made from locally sourced New England hardwoods like cherry, maple, black walnut, cedar and others. Hand crafted, hand smoothed and a perfect addition to your home or office. Comes with 7-8 wood rocks with handy burlap carrying pouch. 

 Free shipping to anywhere in the US. 

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