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Spalted Perfection of a Charcuterie Serving Board

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The spalting of this board doesn't take over and command too much attention like your drunk Uncle at Christmas - but it is enough to be noticeable, like that cool Uncle (me).

This charcuterie serving board is just the right size to run down the center of your table or put on the counter to kick things off. It can be filled with all the nuts, cheeses, breads, cured meats, fruits and veggies you can think. We provide a tiny little instruction guide of ideas with each board along with FREE SHIPPING, but it is really just to get your own charcuterie board creative juices flowing.

Dimensions: 23" X 8.5" 1.5"

Little rubber feet keep this board where it should be and nowhere where it shouldn't. Comes from a tree - an all natural USA born and bred tree. Except no tree imitators.

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