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Spalted Birch Biscuit Boards


This birch was a victim of me taking down three tulip trees to make way for my garden. Hanging out and underneath of the three large tulips I needed to take down - the birch had to go as well.

Most of the upper part I cut up and split for the fireplace, however I left 3 six foot sections of the bottom part in the hopes of planking it out for later use.

Well that was three years ago and I realized I wasn't getting my friends saw mill over to the property any time soon so I decided to slice one up in to some biscuits and see what I ended up with. After three long years laying on the ground the ends had wicked up a bit too much water and had rotted - but the center - well these five are the result some amazing spalting and aging.

Out of all that wood - I ended up with six nice biscuits - or tree rounds. Planed down, sanded, smoothed and oiled up - these are pretty neat. Featuring non slip feet on the the bottom these little boards are perfect for smaller platters.

OR use it as a fancy cake plate. I just made an amazing blueberry ricotta cake and used one as the cake plate.

Whatever you do with yours - get one now before they are gone. Remember FREE SHIPPING. A full authentic spalted birch board for $45 shipped to your house in priority USPS mail? You would be crazy to not buy all five.

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