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"Wooden spoons hold a great deal of home in them. Mom's wooden spoon is like the worn marble of a staircase, it bears its use cumulatively" - Dina Brewster, The Hickories.

I couldn't have said it better myself, so I didn't. 

However this is no ordinary wood spoon - it's a Soupper Spoon. I want this to be your one and only "go-to" kitchen utensil when cooking. I have designed it to do many different things.

First, it has a slight concave to be used as a spoon - mainly a sipper - test the taste and texture of soup, sauce, broth or to sneak a meatball out of the pot with. The end is flat and tapered - the perfect tool for scraping up bits off the bottom of the pan when deglazing. Additionally the flat end can be used as a chopper when breaking up ground meat, sausage or breaking up those onions that you missed during the dicing stage.

The nice long handle keeps your hand away from the heat during onion and garlic sauteing sessions. Flip it over and you can use the tapered edge and flat surface as a spatula to flip everything from burgers to pancakes.

Buy a lefty and a righty for the perfect salad grabber/server.

Excited to see what you end up using it for.

All of our boards; charcuterie, grazing, serving and cheese boards, along with all of our wooden utensils come with a coating of board butter. Board butter is our own in-house wood protection made from all natural beeswax and food grade mineral oil. To make your own, check out our blog, or you can order a jar from us.

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