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Rosemary and Lavender Soap

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Harvest time in New England - one cannot overstate the beauty and tradition this area is steeped in.We have been harvesting the rosemary and lavender in the herb gardens and we used some for cheese, some for duck breast and reserved some for our latest batch of hand crafted soap.  We use no essential oils so the smell is subtle and it will not leave you smelling like perfume - but it will leave your sin smooth and clean.

Our soap is made from the tallow from some of the most expensive cows we know.  Our friends over at a  successful local butcher shop provide us with the fat as the base for this soap.  Why use beef fat for our soap?  Almost every soap on the market contains it - they call it something else - we do not hide from the fact and are proud of it.  We use something that normally would be thrown away and turn it into some of the best soap you will ever use.  Your skin will come out smooth and soft - and you will be happy knowing what goes in to keeping you and your family clean.

All of our soaps are made from beef tallow that has no steroids, antibiotics, never fed any GMO feed, and grazed naturally in an open pasture.  And if organic tallow is not enough, our soap also contains all natural virgin and organic coconut oil to lather you in suds.

Each bar of soap is proudly handcrafted in Redding, CT and comes with a cedar soap dish to keep it going for awhile.

Soap so pure it is embarrassed to see you naked.