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Massive Cherry Burl Board


Go big or go home, or bring big right in to your home for your next party. This cherry burl board is massive! A little bigger than two and a half feet long and over two feet wide. It looks a bit like the Millenium Falcon doesn’t it? This board is perfect for your next ranger where you set out a grazing board and your guests mull around it all night long. You wont need to serve a main course with this one - as it should feed any sized party you got going on.

Just imagine this stacked high with meats, cheeses, dried fruits, fresh veggies, hummus, jams, crackers, breads, nuts and whatever else you want to throw at it. There are some cracks and crevices that give this board it’s character. There are also deep burls to gaze in to - along with a debarked live-edge around almost all of it.

Dimensions: 32” X 27”

All of our boards - even this one comes with FREE SHIPPING. I’m not sure what the box will look like as we will have to make one just for this, but it will arrive safe and looking great.

This board is sanded super smooth and finished with our own blend of board butter. It also has non-slip feet underneath to keep it stable and balanced.

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