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Gilbert and Bennet Spool


5 X 7

This picture is from the portfolio of Glen Babyak, better known as Drifter Photography.  This particular picture is of The Gilbert & Bennett Manufacturing Company (G&B), which owned and operated a wire fence and screen manufacturing facility in Georgetown, CT which opened in 1830 and was shuttered in 1989.

The company is described as having been "guided by nineteenth-century paternalism and enlightened self-interest which carried over well into the twentieth century" for it having "shaped a community which today resembles the rural industrial village of nineteenth-century Utopian ideology."

The company began as a cottage industry weaving animal hair from cows and horses, started by Benjamin Gilbert. Water power was needed, and the enterprise used a former sawmill facility downriver from the later factory site. After much development and a fire, the company focused on wire products.


This is what remains….