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Garden Dibber



A dibber, dibble, dibbler or whatever you call it is the perfect little helper when planting seeds and bulbs.

Made from New England hardwoods cherry or black walnut our Dibbers will be your trusted go-to for planting. Save your fingers and fingernails from poking around in the dirt with this dibber. 

Tough enough to break up packed down soil and light enough to make little holes for individual seeds. For something large with a flat bottom like garlic, make a mark on your dibber to the depth you want to go and poke it in the ground and wiggle around for a nice hole for your garlic.

Each dibber is handmade and unique on it's own - but they all get the job done as promised. Hold from the top or the side, it is shaped to fit your hand. After you use it a few times you will find it handy and begin to use it in other ways, Create a row, a mound, a hole - or find your own new use.

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