Firewood Succulent Planter

Firewood Succulent Planter

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Typically, if I don't cut the tree down, chop and stack all the firewood myself I don't have as much appreciation for the wood I am tossing in to the stove.  When I moved last year I didn't have the time to take down a few trees and stack it to dry - so I bought two cords, had it dropped off and then I stacked it in my garage.

However as I was tossing in a few pieces last year there was one piece that grabbed my eye.  A cut section that had rotted out a bit where a limb was leaving the perfect cupped opening to serve as a planter.  I quickly took the piece out of firewood circulation and put it in the "someday" pile - meaning someday I will get around to doing something with it.

Well someday was Saturday, I spent a good hour or two sanding down all the rough parts bound to give someone a sliver, oiled it up, drilled some drainage holes and added a couple of jade plants and was finished.

This piece is a great rustic addition to any home - and since it is a jade - this could be kept up at a cabin you only visit once a month as they can go a long time without watering.