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Comfort Bird



Comfort birds serve multiple people and purposes.

Comfort birds fit in the palm of your hand and do just what their name implies- provide comfort. A buttery smooth bird made from New England hardwoods; black walnut, maple or cherry can be there for you or a loved one in trying times.

For older folks suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer's or the loss of a loved one - the bird can be a reassuring presence - something tangible to hold and remember.

For our Veterans and anyone who has experienced a traumatic event or suffering from PTSD - a comfort bird is there. In the palm of their hand, when the need arises - or a constant presence.

For young ones with anxiety, Autism or those who might need a little friend close by when things get to be a bit too much - a comfort bird can be there.

RusticWares Comfort Birds are sanded to an unbelievably smooth finish and finished with all natural beeswax. With no sharp edges, these birds are a pleasure to hold and rub.

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