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Cherry Limb X Limb Charcuterie Board


The knot in this board was formed by a limb coming out of the trunk at some point in it's illustrious career being a fine tree. That limb, or at least where that limb used to be creates a unique and distinctive mark that makes this board all the more special. 

This board also retains a bark-off live-edge as a gentle reminder (if the knot didn't do it for you) that this was once a mighty tree. Living it's life in the woods, growing proud and strong.

Use this cherry charcuterie board whenever the occasion arises - or doesn't. Put it to work on every day uses and you will be a happy camper.

Dimensions: 23" X 7.5" .75" 

All natural wood can warp, crack and split on you. You don't need to treat this board with kid gloves but give it an oil every now and then and it will last a lifetime. Branded with the iconic RusticWares logo.

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