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Black Plaque



A massive slab of black walnut.

I can't be postive but this might be the heaviest board we have ever put up for sale - it is a heavy heavy piece of wood.

Straight sections of trees are called cookies, when they are cut at an angle they are called plaques. This piece has a massive crack down the center of it that occured while it was curing. Since it has been in the shop it hasn't moved all that much, but over time it may get bigger - hard to tell. We think it adds character.

Dimensions: 28" X 20" X 3"

All of our handmade, original, one-of-a-kind New England grown boards come FREE SHIPPING and a small care guide and charcuterie board ideas. This board has rubber anti-skid feet to keep it where it should be when loading it up with all those goodies.

RusticWares Charcuterie boards, Butter boards, servings boards, grazing boards and cheese boards are made from all natural New England grown hardwoods.

All of our boards; charcuterie, grazing, serving, butter boards and cheese boards, along with all of our wooden utensils come with a coating of board butter. Board butter is our own in-house wood protection made from all natural beeswax and food grade mineral oil. To make your own, check out our blog, or you can order a jar from us.

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