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Bark On Live-Edge Black Walnut Charcuterie Board

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We had some boards come through the shop with the bark solidly on them - which is rare. I've heard if the tree comes down in the winter the bark will tend to fall off quickly, so these may have been felled last summer as they are solid and dry.

Black walnut in my humble opinion is the best wood for a charcuterie board. The dark inner wood and light sap ring near the edge plays off well with any meat/cheese/veggie/fruit/dip/nut combo you can throw at it.

Not only are the colors perfect here - Black Walnut is ever so strong. Hard as a rock and will stand the test of time. Like all RusticWare boards - this is a generational piece. Strong enough to last several lifetimes.

Dimensions: 23" X 8" X 2"

Remember, ALL of our boards come with FREE SHIPPING, a small care manual along with ideas on what to include on your board.

All rusticWare boards are harvested in New England, milled in Connecticut and then worked on to become the pieces they are in Redding, CT.

All of our boards; charcuterie, grazing, serving and cheese boards, along with all of our wooden utensils come with a coating of board butter. Board butter is our own in-house wood protection made from all natural beeswax and food grade mineral oil. To make your own, check out our blog, or you can order a jar from us.

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