About Us

Down a dirt road in the rural two-traffic light town of West Redding, CT you will find RusticWares. Covered in saw dust is a mix of antique anvils and hand planers along with band saws and routers.

Our wood comes from the sawmill down the road who sources everything locally. Most comes from trees suffering damage from the Ambrosia beetle or ash borer. Some comes from lots being cleared for a new home, or a tree has simply gotten too big and too close to a house. We use the cast-offs, the side pieces and end pieces from much bigger jobs. And our guy will set the most beautiful pieces aside for us.

Our charcuterie boards and wood utensils come from that native New England hardwood found at the mill. Sourced and milled locally and then transformed into something our customers will use on a near daily basis.

I have been making charcuterie like salami, prosciutto, nduja, chorizo for longer than I have been making charcuterie boards. And long before I heard of the term charcuterie board I was putting together my cured meats together with my pickled dilly beans on a piece of wood from the shop. My love of wood working married with my love of making charcuterie making led to RusticWares.

We let the wood for our charcuterie boards do the talking. We work with what the wood gives us and let it stand on its own. We go through a near obsessive process of sanding until smooth like granite and then add our own mix of board butter to preserve, condition and seal.

 You cannot find a more authentic charcuterie board shop online or in-person. We live the life, cure the meat, work the wood.