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About Us

Rustic Wares grew out of a passion for the outdoors and the desire to do something about protecting it.  We hold on to the belief that everything can be saved or repurposed for the next generation to enjoy.  We all need things to make a house a home, or to create a special environment to stir creativity at the office and nothing that you can buy new in a store tells a story like a reclaimed apothecary drawer or an old slab of wood.  

Wherever possible we used reclaimed, re-purposed, recycled or natural materials.  Most of our wood for charcuterie boards and kitchen utensils are pieces of much bigger projects. By teaming up with the local lumber mill we gets the heads up on truly beautiful pieces that are too small for big projects - but perfect for RusticWares.

Our packaging is recycled magazines already in circulation, our moss is sustainably harvested from property we own, our succulents are cuttings from plants we have had for years  - each step along the way has been carefully thought through and discussed.  We scour New England and beyond to find treasures otherwise meant for the landfill.  

Inspiration strikes along the Appalachian Trail, flea markets or around the bon fire with friends.  No longer satisfied with what is pushed in front of us, we are trying to make a small difference in a sea of factory produced garbage.  Instilled with a sense of reducing our overall footprint at an early age that most people called thrifty - is now seen for what it is - saving the environment.  Check out our shop, let us know what you think - good or bad- we have heard it all before.