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Vintage Mason Jar Soap Pump



Our most popular item!!

Our Vintage Mason Jar Soap Pump is the perfect example of what Rustic Wares is about.  Re-purposing an old mason jar, cutting down waste, saving money, and reducing the amount of new materials being created. We use vintage early American mason jars with the old style one-piece zinc lids and quality metal pumps in all of our soap pumps.

Our Vintage Mason Jar Soap Pumps has many benefits:

 - Recycle an early American mason jar

 - Save money by buying dish/hand soap in bulk

 - Reduce the amount of new material being produced

 - Make your kitchen look great

I'm sure I missed a few other benefits - but isn't four enough?  

NEW:  You now have a choice of two different finishes.  Classic Chrome or Brushed Nickel.

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