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Natural Connecticut Grown Cedar Stump


My friend Chantelle called asking if I wanted wood from a cedar tree that was growing in the middle of her driveway.  Of course I said yes.  Then she asked if I wanted to cut it down - a good way of arranging the order of her questions.

After taking the tree down, cutting in to logs, removing the bark and allowing it to dry in my basement for up to two years - and adding a coat of finish to it - these are ready to be sold.

Our cedar logs were grow in Connecticut, cut here, dried here and are now for sale.  These  cedar stumps bring the outdoors in and create a chic cabin feel in any room from NYC to San Francisco and everywhere in the middle and north to south.

I use them as plants stands, side tables and stools throughout my place.  Safe for hardwood floors as they have little felt feet to protect your finished surfaces.

West Elm has a similar stump that is imported from somewhere and costs 2 X as much.  You decide; a locally harvested cedar tree from right here in the US, cut down by me, dried and finished by me - or something imported from wherever.


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