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Slate Bottomed Reclaimed Barn Wood Serving Tray


Authentic reclaimed barn wood serving tray with old school reclaimed and saved slate roof tile - the perfect combo. I decided to change things up a big and add a reclaimed slate roof tile to the bottom of this reclaimed barn wood serving tray - giving it even that much more authenticity.

Think back to the time when this barn was built, when they were using individual slate roof tiles to protect houses. Barns built by the hands of man, from wood chopped down with an ax, milled from a saw powered by water.

If wood or slate could talk - these two unique pieces would have stories to tell. Decades of standing stoically in the field, observing and watching as time went by. Eventually succumbing to elements, time and the inevitable forward march of progress they were taken down. I am here to stand in the way and provide a second life to the slate tile, the barn wood. Imagine the stories you can inpart.

Dimensions: 18" X 9.75" X 2"

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