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Mighty Oak

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As reliable as the morning paper - the mighty oak helped build this nation. The state tree of Connecticut, the oak stands for strength, values and the resilience of the American people. 

This board is not flashy but at 17.5" long by 9" wide, it will be there to get the job done. Whether you need an all around task master board or a solid oak board to show off your prowess around the BBQ - this ones for you.

Dimensions: 17.5" X 9" X 1"

All of our boards come with FREE SHIPPING. All boards were grown in New England, sustainably harvested, milled in Connecticut and sanded, smoothed in Redding, CT.

All of our boards; charcuterie, grazing, serving and cheese boards, along with all of our wooden utensils come with a coating of board butter. Board butter is our own in-house wood protection made from all natural beeswax and food grade mineral oil. To make your own, check out our blog, or you can order a jar from us.

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