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Ambrosia Burl

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These don't come around all that often - or should I say ever. I have never seen a burl with ambrosia markings in it  - ever. But here it is, a truly beautiful, deeply intense burl that mesmerizes you. Stare deep in to its grain.

Not a large piece, but at 1.75" tall it is the perfect piece to place at the center of your table. This should be only used as a presentation piece and not to be cut on - its that beautiful.

Another unique feature about this board it is beautiful on both sides - each one unique and different from the other.

Dimensions: 11.5" X 11" X 1.75"

ALL RusticWare boards come with free shipping. This is beautiful piece of maple burl grown in New England, milled in Connecticut and sanded and polished in Redding, CT.

All of our boards; charcuterie, grazing, serving and cheese boards, along with all of our wooden utensils come with a coating of board butter. Board butter is our own in-house wood protection made from all natural beeswax and food grade mineral oil. To make your own, check out our blog, or you can order a jar from us.

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