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Black Walnut Charcuterie Board The One

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This is it. Just stop, take out that credit card and buy - it really is that simple. If you stop looking and just buy this board - you will be a happy camper. This one has everything you want - that is if you want a black walnut combo board like this one.

It wont let you down and take care of double duty, chopping and charcuterie board duty that is.

Dimensions: 14" X 10" X 1"

Little rubber feet allow this board to lay even, stable and steady on your countertop or table. 

All of our boards come with a quick one-pager Care and Handling guide and all of our charcuterie boards come with FREE SHIPPING.

All of our charcuterie boards began their lives as trees. Kiln dried New England hardwoods of different varieties stand up to years of use. All natural wood products can split and crack over time. We do our best to highlight every crack on each board so there are no surprises when it arrives. If treated appropriately these boards will outlive you no matter how many parties you throw it at. Hand sanded and hand oiled - these are beautiful board, if you want a plastic, mass produced board - shop at Amazon.

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