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Wood Spatula


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Flip, roll, saute or move around anything in your pan with these flat wooden spatulas handmade in the workshop.

I was never comfortable getting plastic or rubber close to sizzling hot pans to flip something over - and I never wanted to use metal and chance scraping off the Teflon, not only ruining the pan but also having it end up in my scrambled eggs.

Ever take a look at some of your older plastic spatulas? How did they get so small - where did all of that plastic go?  Oh right - in your food and then your body.

New England hardwood cherry, black walnut or maple provide the perfect material for use around the heat of the kitchen. Wood will not melt in to your food, it is treated with food grade beeswax that helps to protect the wood. 

Made to withstand time - this spatula will grow old with you and enjoy the journey of your cooking evolution.

All wooden utensils are both awesome and come with FREE SHIPPING

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