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Whiskey Barrel Muddler


Made from authentic reclaimed whiskey barrel staves our Whiskey Barrel Muddler is an essential tool in any well heeled kitchen.

One of the few products on not made by RusticWares, the Whiskey Barrel Muddler comes from the workshop of LandMade. The guys at LandMade are friends with a distillery in upstate New York and got their hands on some used whiskey barrels and turned a limited run of these muddlers. After seeing the results I knew I had to get them up on the site for others to enjoy.

Muddlers are used to release juices from fruits or herbs for cocktails. I am partial to mojitos considering how much mint I have growing in the herb gardens around the workshop, but Old Fashioneds, Mint Juleps, Brandy Smash or Jalapeno Margaritas.

Muddling doesn't mean crushing, it means muddling. Don't mash and mash your herbs and fruits, press down and turn, strong enough to release juices, gentle enough not to smash. 

If you look closely you will see a little barrel at the end of the muddler - very nice attention to detail.

Liven up your next get together with the authentic Whiskey Barrel Muddler.


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