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Mid-Century Bail & Wire Mason Jars


These are the real deal.  Bail and wire mid-century mason jars.  I use them for storing rice, sugar, dry beans, corn meal.  They look better than the store packaging, you can see through them and have the quick on/off lid using the old school bail and wire.  

You can look up on various websites the age of these jars - they vary but right around the 50's and 60's - the cursive of the writing is what gives it away.

I do not to provide a strong cautionary tale for these however.  If you plan on storing both sugar and salt in them, keep them separated or marked.  I made the mistake of putting two big teaspoons of salt in to my morning coffee one day.  And surprisingly it tasted absolutely horrible.  Don't be me.

Set of three bail and wire mason jars.


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