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Palette Charcuterie Board


The inspiration for this palette charcuterie board came from a blog post a few weeks ago when I was explaining how to approach putting together a charcuterie board. I said "treat it as your palette" or something like that.

That is how you should approach putting together your own charcuterie board. Use it to express yourself. Put on it what you like, what you identify with. Dont like meat? Don't put it on. Hate cantaloupe as much as I do? Ditch that slimy fruit. Go with what you know and what you like. Make it yours and make it your own piece of art.

After a few get togethers with friends Picasso wont even be able to hold a candle to your own creativity. Imagine what you can do with the paint brush cheese spreader?

Dimensions: 10" X 8.5" X .5"

Each black walnut palette board is hand cut, hand sanded, smoothed and oiled. Each one is different with varying shapes, sizes and grains. Each has the iconic RusticWares logo branded in to the side.


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