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Black Wave


The depthness (it is understood this is not a word....yet) of Black Walnut is mesmerizing. From so dark to the light sap ring at the outer edge where it meets the live-edge this piece has it all. Add in some nice holes where a little bigger once chewed a bit and this piece has character in spades! 

Curl this around a big bowl of chips or crackers and leave the board for the prime time meats and cheeses! 

Dimensions: 25.5" X 7.5" X 2"

FREE SHIPPING. There is only one board like this - this is the board you are buying - it is unique and there is only one like this.

All of our boards are from trees grown in New England, milled, kiln dried, planed, sanded and smoothed in Connecticut. Beautiful all natural wood can split crack, whatever over time- but its beautiful. 

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