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Yeah Whale Charcuterie Board


Everyone knows the tale of The Whale and The Shark - as old as sailing itself. 

The legend goes there was a giant whale roaming the oceans off the east coast of the United States when an equally giant shark entered the whale's territory claiming it as his own. The whale rebuffed the giant shark and explained he ruled this coast and no monster could push him out. An epic battle ensued over several days. Thrashing and bites and bumps and bruises. Eventually the shark knew the whale had gotten the better of him and decided from there on out he would butter the sharks bread.

And that my friends is where the Whale charcuterie board with shark spreader came from. Neat huh?

Dimensions: 13" X 7" X .5"

Each board is unique in that they are hand cut, sanded and rubbed with oil. Sizes, grains and uniqueness will vary. 



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