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Canoe Charcuterie Board


Imagine a lazy Saturday afternoon as you float down a wide but gentle Vermont river in your old trusty canoe. A breeze guides you along the way and the sun rests on your shoulders. Somehow, even though you headed down river from camp you end up right where you put in with no effort at all.

Now imagine getting back to camp and snacking on an afternoon platter of meats and cheeses before you cook up an amazing dinner with friends, wine and whiskey.

Well thats what this canoe charcuterie board is made for. And thats what your life will be like if you buy it. Don't forget the paddle to smooth a Vermont made Camembert over a piece of fresh crusty bread.

Made from choice Black Walnut, hand sanded, smoothed and oiled.

Dimensions: 14" X 18" X .5"

Each board is handmade and will have slight variations in size and grain. Comes with handy charcuterie board serving tips and the iconic RusticWares logo.


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