Why Saran Wrap Sucks, and Why It's A Good Thing

Why Saran Wrap Sucks, and Why It's A Good Thing

Have you noticed that Saran Wrap of today isn't the same as the Saran Wrap of 10 - 15 years ago?  I noticed....I think.  It's less clingy, sticky and all around kinda bad at it's one and only job.

Well the reason has nothing to do with the company SC Johnson trying to cut corners for a larger profit - just the opposite actually.  

In an article on Madison.com, author Michael Burke of the Racine Journal Times writes a review of SC Johnson's CEO article published in the April issue of the Harvard Business Review.  In it he explains that SC Johnson was aware that one of the key components of Saran Wrap was polyvinylidene chloride, a chemical known to release harmful toxins in to the environment.  SC Johnson tried to come up with an alternative yet equal substitute, but could never find one.  So at the risk of popularity and profits they removed the chemical full well knowing it would hurt sales, but ultimately they decided it was what was best for the environment.

In a corporate environment so rife with fraud, greed and manipulation it is entirely refreshing to see one company still doing it right.

So rather than hurting sales - this makes me want to support the company over another corporate behemoth interested in the profit margins over anything else.  Here is a full list of products within the SC Johnson lineup - SC Johnson products.

And no, I was not paid for this post.


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