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Michael Giacopassi

Posted on September 05 2019

There are enough blog posts, Instagram pictures and food influencer videos about how to put together the perfect charcuterie board that I don’t need to add another to the mix. Whatever you decide will work out just fine.
Don’t feel the need to add blue cheese stuffed olives if you hate olives. Gluten allergy? Don’t add bread and crackers just because you feel its required or what “Miss Food Blog” says is required on a classic board. Much like everything else in your life – it’s too short and already too complicated to deal with
stuff you won’t eat or enjoy.
Want to mix strawberries with almonds on your charcuterie board? Go for it. How about a pimento stuffed green olive and cheddar cheese charcuterie board? DO you like that combination? Then go with it.
Of course, variety can be the spice of life – but you don’t need to get all fancy.
Charcuterie boards should be simple and fun – thrown together at a moment notice when unannounced company has stopped by. It is also a great time to clean out the fridge. Never used anything passed its prime or months after it’s expiration date.

charcuterie board
Two pickles left? Four random rice crackers hanging around in the cupboard? Half a container of mixed nuts? Quarter stick of pepperoni left over from pizza night? A can of black olives in the back of the pantry? How about some Grey Poupon – take it out and put it in a little bowl or ramekin.
And make things go a little farther. Cut that pickle in to spears, or chips. Slice a carrot up in to sticks. Have an apple? Now you have 20 apple wedges. Roll the pre-sliced pepperoni up. Cut everything up small and add tooth picks to make it ultra-fancy.
Use it all – use what you got- it will be fun. Lay it out in a nice presentable way and your unannounced annoying guests will be thrilled and dazzled. I like to sit the guests down in the other room then go in to the kitchen to put it together – this way everyone wins. I don’t have to spend extra time with them, I clean out my fridge and they get a little treat and a glimpse in to my hostess abilities – it’s a triple threat.
I have a dedicated room in my basement for the curing of meats, salami, chorizo, pepperoni, nduja – and right now two big pig legs hanging for prosciutto – most people don’t. And since you don’t have your own cure room in your basement – there is no expectation to have premium meats and cheese on your charcuterie board – unless you are in to that.

holiday charcuterie board
Experiment with what you like. Any deli worth it’s salt will sell you as little of whatever that you want. One slice of $32/lb prosciutto? No problem. Thick slices of premium ham? Yes. Let them know what you are doing – and they will – or at least should act like they are happy to help.
My point is, make the charcuterie board you want. Use what you have, experiment with things you are not sure of and want to try.

Charcuterie boards are for fun. For a quick solo fun dinner. A great couples date night – put it together – together. A small gathering of friends and family – or a massive feast for the big game, Thanksgiving, Halloween themed, birthday parties – or whatever the occasion for celebration is.
Charcuterie boards are for everyone, every event and can contain anything you want and like.


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