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What A Difference A Week Can Make

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on May 17 2017

After two years of living in my house I finally got around to focusing on the finished basement.  My house had been abandoned for over a year and the house had never been winterized which meant the water was never drained from the pipes.  As you know - water loves to expand, and when it does within copper pipes it causes them to burst.  If the water is not turned off and the pipe bursts - well then it runs and runs until it is turned off- or the well runs dry I guess.

This is what happened in my house, so before I purchased it the bank that owned it came in and cut the sheetrock up from the ground 2 feet.  Upon moving in I had to find the source of the leaks which led me to pulling down much of the sheetrock on the finished ceiling and caused a huge mess.  

Since it was the basement it was not my top priority but after finishing up many of the other items on my hit list I turned my attention to the basement. 

I pulled down the rest of the ceiling, put in new insulation from the 2' feet where it was removed and called in the pros.  I honestly and seriously look at and treat installing sheet rock and then taping as an art - guys that can do it, and not leave any noticeable seem are in my opinion - artists. 

Now that the sheetrock was finished and looking good - it was my time to shine. Not content with bare white plain walls I wanted to ad  a little design element without going overboard.  I decided on a simple chair rail with a darker color on the bottom and white on top.  

In what can only be described as a marathon of painting, sanding, filling, nailing, sanding, painting, vacuuming, cleaning, painting, sanding I turned this room around in under two weeks.

This 1.5 week redo included two weekends and last Saturday since it rained ALL DAY long I worked from 10:30AM - 9:30PM - but with determination and physical effort anything is possible.

If you have questions about any aspect of the job, I am more than happy to provide tips, suggestions.  Or if you have some pics of your own renovation - please share.


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