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The peepers were peeping, but.....

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on March 10 2017

Last week on my drive home I passed several ponds near The Hickories  and the peepers were peeping.  Hundred or thousands? of them peeping away - a clear indication that Spring has sprung and soon the robins would be joining them in their spring chorus.  This week is a different story, temps dropped over the weekend and now we have snow falling once again across Connecticut.

It is not the snow that bothers me - it is the early early spring thawing and then the freeze - messing with the fruit trees across the region.  Last year we had an early thaw and then a Valentine's Day freeze - which effectively killed any chance of having peaches in the entire state of Connecticut.  It also caused most of the home and wild apple orchards to be barren come the fall as well.

To be honest, I don't care all that much for peaches, although I did make a fantastic peach jam two years ago when we had the biggest bumper crop my Dad had seen in 40 years.  I am concerned about backyard and wild apples.  I have a old apple press and every fall like to make cider that ultimately becomes hard cider. No backyard apples means I have to buy them - buying them means money, less money in my pocket means - I don't know, but I like free apples.

So if you are ever in the area with a trunk full of apples, please don't be afraid to stop by and dump them in my yard.



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