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The Mushrooms are Coming

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on August 31 2018

Over a year ago I drilled 750 holes in to a standing tree stump on the RusticWares property. At the time a friend who stopped by called it the work of a mad man. And I can see that, but I had a plan.

I ordered mushroom plugs from Fungi Perfecti - and the plan was to fill this tree stump with as many Oyster mushroom spawn plugs as it could hold. I figured I have these stumps because of my tree guys inability to grasp a simple concept of taking down marked trees I might as well make the best out of it.

I was having my tree guy come over to take down three rather large trees sorta close to the house to make more room and sunlight for my garden and I didn't feel up to the task. So I marked, at eye level the three trees to be dropped. I came home, all three trees dropped perfectly - BUT he cut them exactly where I marked them. I can only guess that he assumed I wanted the trees cut at that specific height - why anyone would think that I have no idea, but that's what he did.

So I had three 5' stumps off to the side of the yard, I took one down to the ground and figured have some fun with the other two. I drilled approximately 750 holes in each one and filled one tree with shitake and one tree with oyster mushroom plugs. 

Then I waited.

I waited for a full year and nothing, then just yesterday I was talking on the phone, meandering about and i looked up and saw one of the stumps exploded with oysters - I was pumped, nervous excited and even a little gassy. 

I rushed inside and jumped online to brush up on when was the right time to harvest and what to do with them once picked. I started nibbling on a few and realized Im not the biggest fan of oyster mushrooms so I figured the best thing to do was to air dry them and save them for soups, stews, and other creative uses.

So I cleaned them up, cut them in to strips and air dried them on my cookie rack.


Excuse the blurry images it was quite muggy and oppressive over the last couple of days fogging up the camera.

I am excited to reconstitute them over the coming months and work them in to soup or even grind them in to a fine powder and mix them up with panko bread crumbs for an earthy spin on something or other.


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