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The Garden is Growing

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on June 08 2017

Even with non-stop rain and below normal temperatures my garden is starting to take shape.

Like every year, I over planted, planted too close to one another and come mid July will have run out of room.  I end up with no room to walk down the rows and have a giant tangled mess on my hands but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I prefer to let the vegetables fight for my love rather than giving them the space they require.

The snow peas - planted from seed are almost at the point where they can latch on to the metal fence.


The red lettuce, spinach, bib and other types of lettuce is at the point where I am picking every other day and is now my lunch for the foreseeable future.  These all came from pants from the fantastic farmers and growers who set up shop each Sunday morning at the Elephants Trunk.

summer squash

The summer squash - also planted from seed through Burpee's famous catalog is doing so well I think I will need to thin the herd out and give some away.

Speaking of - have you heard the one about why you should always lock your car doors in late summer in New England? If you leave your car unlocked, windows rolled down in any small town throughout New England in mid to late summer you will come back and have it filled with zucchini. Every year people plant way more than they need and end up pawning baseball bat sized zucchinis on anyone who gives them a moment.



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