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  • Charcuterie Board Summer

    Michael Giacopassi

    Posted on April 07 2021

    Charcuterie Board Summer
    There have been some celebrities coming and out and labeling the 2021 summer the summer...
  • A Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board

    Michael Giacopassi

    Posted on February 11 2019

    A Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board
    Putting together a charcuterie bard for Valentines day can be a fun thing to do togeth...
  • 2018 Chorizo Harvest

    Michael Giacopassi

    Posted on January 17 2018

    2018 Chorizo Harvest
    It’s chorizo harvest time! We did a quick 25lb run of spicy Spanish Chorizo the week be...
  • Charcuterie Board Season 2017

    Michael Giacopassi

    Posted on January 16 2018

    Charcuterie Board Season 2017
    Well – its over. The mad rush of the 2017 holiday season, from Halloween through New Ye...
  • Another Round Please

    Michael Giacopassi

    Posted on November 30 2017

    Another Round Please
    The holidays are upon us and that means party season. I am a true believer of never sho...