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Starting the Garden

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on March 21 2017

The garden is still under six inches of snow - which means it is the perfect time to start those veggies indoors.

Each year I take the seeds from the best and earliest tomatoes, peppers, peas, pumpkins, gourds, squash, zucchini and all the others to save and plant again the next year.  This way I am doing my own natural selection to make sure I end up with only the best producing plants I can find.

And each year, typically the week after Salami Day is Planting Day.  I haul up form the basement all of my seed starting kits with the mats that soak up water, the little greenhouse cover and start planting.

This year I finally wised up and started keeping track of what is what so when I inevitably grow way more baby tomato plants than needed I can give them away and be sure of what they are.  

Adrianna at suggests using wide, flat containers - I simply reuse the same ones year over year - they have stood up and work well for me.

The key to starting vegetable seeds indoors, using on the sun and not high pressured sodium lights to maximize growth is replanting several times - but that is a post for another day as we get longer in to the season and is still a few weeks away.

For now, just remember to use good soil, maintain good drainage, get lots of sun, and keep your plants warm - 70F if possible.  Keep them watered and if you follow these simple, basic steps you should be on the road to growing your own veggies in no time.


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