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Snowstorm Sunset

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on February 14 2017

As I dragged the garage door open the view to the west exploded with color. The winter storm had cleared and as the sun settled across the country there was a stillness that only a blanket of freshly fallen snow could produce.   

New England was blasted with a much needed winter storm that dumped upwards of 18" across the land.  My little corner of the state received well over a foot in a short amount of time. 

Combine a heavy and quick snowfall with a broken snowblower and a long rutted gravel driveway and you have all the ingredients for a long day outside in the cold. To top it all off I had to dig my way out to head up north for a long planned trip to Okemo.  I know, I know - rough life right?

The key to maintaining sanity while experiencing a big snowstorm, a long driveway and no quick/easy way of snow removal is to keep on top of things.  I like to go out mid-way through and take care of what has already fallen so as to not leave myself a mound to do all at once.

Around noon I went out and shoveled as best as I could and went back inside to warm up by the fire with Hartford.  Around 5PM the snow was tapering off and the radar showed  the storm moving north so it was the perfect time to go back out and get started with Round 2.

Previous, smaller storms this winter saw me outside with my backpack leaf blower blowing snow from the driveway and I considered using the blowtorch attachment for my 5LB propane tank - but left that for another time of maniacal neighbor threatening.

Next time you find yourself out in the cold, alone and listening to the stillness - look up.





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