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Shipping & Supply Lines

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on November 03 2021

There is much talk and discussion about shipping and supply lines. That there is a scarcity issue, supply lines are running thin, buy now before the holidays.

There is no supply issue - there is only an over consumption of foreign produced goods issue. It is said it is un-American to complain about Americans buying so much stuff, I think it is more un-American to buy so much foreign produced stuff when we have enough local made, hand made goods right here at home.

Obviously there are items that are no longer made it America - fact of global trade and using foreign slave labor to produce Nike's, washing machines and everything in Christmas Tree Shops. However there are a TON of things still produced here and when you buy those products you lift the rest of the country up.

Just think for a second what would happen if everyone, everywhere bought their Christmas and other holiday gifts from the country they live in? It has such a ripple effect that the farm, local craftsman and artisans would need to ramp up their own productions, hiring more people , buy more raw materials and cascade down and out across the country. Think about where the dollars they earn would be spent compared to where the CEO of Fortune 500 companies spend their dollars.

Those ships all lined up on each coast aren't there to deliver hand made charcuterie boards made from the trees of new England I can assure you of that. They aren't lined up to deliver piano lessons, or Vermont Maple syrup or hand made small batch soap or candles.

It's only an exercise to think about what could be if just a fraction of that junk sitting out there was purchased here.

Thank you for visiting and supporting RusticWares and the millions of other small businesses here in the United States.


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