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Return of the bear and a solution

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on May 05 2017

Once the initial shock of a mama bear and her two cubs tramping through my yard and tearing apart my first beehive wore off I collected the frames and brought them inside for that sweet sweet honey.  After some scraping and sieving I ended up with a 16 oz. jar of my very own honey.  It is probably the most expensive honey in the world - but it makes it taste that much sweeter.

I extracted as much honey as I could using forks, knives and spoons then I set the whole deal back up.  Bad idea.  The very next morning I came out splayed out in a neat little mess was my hives.  This time there were no bees, no honey, but claw marks.


This new development presented a problem.  I had already ordered another package of bees and it was on it's way so I needed to find an alternative spot for my soon to arrive bees.  Unfortunately I got a call letting me know the bees had arrived early and I should come and get them.  Without a place to relocate my hives, my friend suggested the one spot of my yard already fenced in - my garden.  Why I hadn't thought of that is beyond me - either way, that's where they landed.

On Wednesday I drove up and picked up the bees and chatted with Mike of Mikes Beehives and headed home.  Losing light and tired I pushed re-homing my new bees until Thursday evening.

Thursday went smoother than I remember than they did last year, I guess even performing a task a second time leads to great understanding and efficiency.  

Hopefully these little ladies are as calm as my last batch because they are now in direct line of my spinach, peppers and snow peas.


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