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On Top of Cannon

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on June 05 2017

Cannon Mountain, a ski slope, former site of the Old Man in the Mountain and destination for my 38th New Hampshire's 4,000' hike this past Saturday.  

The day was beautiful when I left Massachusetts around 5AM, even had to don my sunglasses several times on my three hour drive north, it was a much different story at the Cannon Mt tramway - the starting off point for the Kinsman Ridge trail to reach the top.  Foggy, misty, raining was all in play for this hike.  And to be honest if it was raining as hard as it was when I came down the mountain when I started I probably would have simply drove home.  Being three hours in and knowing it was only a four mile hike - I figured it was worth the wet gear for.

old man in the mountain

14 years and one month to the day that the Old Man crumbled to the ground below it, I hiked the famous section on the outskirts of the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

For centuries the Old Man looked out over the valley and on I-93 silently watching all those who traveled deeper in to the NH woods - now replaced by nothing but rock face.

My hike, although cold, wet and slippery was uneventful.  There were others doing the hike so I wasn't completely solo on the trip, but these days I leave the dog at home as he joints cant take the pounding that some of these hikes put you through.  What was even more uneventful than the hike was the view from the top.

cannon mountain view

Even if you couldnt see anything, the hike was worth it - and at the top is a beautiful granite bench with an inscription from Jerry Walrop.

bench on top of cannon mountain

It is a little hard to make out

"If you love someone, tell them.

Most importantly, stay close to your friends,

Let it make a difference in your day, and theirs".



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