No Surprise - No Aloe in Aloe products.

Bloomberg has just reported that independent studies show there is no real aloe Vera in many of name brand aloe Vera products sold at Target, CVS or WalMart.

Here is the link to the study announced today - 

Please read the study and decide for yourself what you are buying and should be buying. The worst part about this not only were they calling it an aloe product, but they were listing aloe as the first or second ingredient.  That, to me is the ultimate betrayal of trust, the big "screw you" and a way to cut corners and costs while delivering the consumer nothing of real value.

My quick, cheap and 100% guaranteed solution?  Go buy an aloe plant at your local big box store - or better yet independently owned garden center.  Having an aloe plant of your very own solves this entire issue quite easily.  No need to guess whether aloe is in it - its an aloe plant.  buy the plant, keep in near your window and break off a little piece whenever you need it - it will grow back.

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