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My Bedroom Barn Door

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on February 09 2017

Adding a barn door to any interior room of your house can immediately transform the space.

My house had this weird extra room between the bedroom and the bathroom/closet.  It may have been meant to change, or put on make-up/jewelry - I dont know, I dont wear too much make-up, sure a little foundation every now and then, but nothing noticeable.

I am digressing.

The pointless, purposeless room needed a update so I removed the traditional door, ripped down half the wall and added a massive 8.5' X 6' barn door made from - yup you guessed it, reclaimed barn wood.

When clearing land for a barn the trees that were removed were then put right back in to the construction of the barn so there are a few different species in here - I was told some of it was chestnut, but Im not so sure.  What can be told about it is that it does have stains from old nails rusting through time, worm holes from little buggers burrowing in to the sides and other nicks and marks that tell a story of a barn that had been used as built.

The most important part of the whole build is securing to 2 X 4s within the wall - in my case we needed to go up and add more supports as this is one heavy ass door.  It is not only the wood that makes this beast heavy - it is the solid 1/4" steel bands I used to lash it all together.  And to finish it off I used square headed bolts to match the period of when the barn was built and wood was harvested for the build.

I picked up my hardware for the door - the track and rolling wheel from Artisan Hardware .  These guys were great to work with, great prices (trust me I did my homework) and fast delivery.

As i mentioned this is a very heavy door - make sure you have the proper supports in place in the wall, and if need me- and what I am considering are some casters on the bottom to provide additional support.  You DO NOT want this to come crashing down in your room at night - and in my case smashing my Big Boy Bed and my ankles a la Misery.

If you have installed a barn door of your own, please send a pic our way, if you have questions I can do my best to answer using the limited knowledge I have from my build.


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