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Key Cleats

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on February 05 2017

Tired of your keys not being where they should be in the morning?  Need a piece of art to remind you of how much you miss your boat?  Do you live on a boat and need to be reminded?

We salvaged three weather beaten boat cleats and gave them a new purpose.  It could hold on to your keys, hang up a jacket or simply sit silent and serve as a reminder of the power of the ocean or the nitrogen bubbles in your blood.

I'm joking of course, the bends are no laughing matter, but neither is the power of the ocean.  If these old school cleats could talk - I would think I took too many mushrooms, but they do have a story to tell, but feel free to give them your own backstory.

If you cant come up with any good backstories why not subscribe to the Good Old Boat magazine and read about some - ?


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