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I Can Pickle That

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on September 22 2017

homemade pesto recipe

It is harvest time. As the nights grow colder the vegetables are ready for harvesting.

First up is pesto. Basil is as delicate as a millennial getting a food service industry job. Kidding, millennials don't work.

pesto pesto pesto

As soon as it gets even a little chilly the basil will start to pout, drop it's leaves and turn brown. SO pick soon and turn in to amazingly simple to make pesto. Basil, olive oil, garlic, walnuts, Parmesan, salt & pepper. That's it. Big Pine Nut will say you can only use pine nuts - - too expensive and it doesn't matter.

fresh homemade salsa

Another super easy to make recipe straight from the garden - salsa!. Who doesn't enjoy saying salsa?

Fresh tomatoes, garlic, red onion, jalapenos, salt and a little bit of lime juice. No, I didn't grow the salt...or the limes I guess. And technically I didn't grow the red onion or garlic (my neighbors did though) - but still, most of the stuff comes from the garden.

Mix it all up and let it sit - flavor town.

what to do with all this squash 

Too much squash you say? NEVER! I get it though. Every year I tell myself to plant one or two squash plants, that ends up being five, they end up taking over half the garden and they are good at hiding so by the time you see them they are the size of Bam Bams club.

Well you don't have to eat it all right there and then. Turn some in to an amazing relish and have it on top of a burger or sausage in the dead of winter.

Shredded squash, chopped onion and hot pepper in a colander and sprinkled with salt. The juices should start flowing out - to help it along ball it up and squeeze - get rid of that water. In a pot have apple cider vinegar, mustard seed, a boatload of sugar, celery seed and red pepper flakes boiling. Reduce the heat, toss in your freshly squeezed squash and simmer. Toss in to prepared canning jars and away you go.

This is a perfect addition to a full on charcuterie platter. P{airs well with salami, cheeses, crackers or bread. I have been putting it on my salad all week and it simply gets better with age. 

bread and butter pickles

The other day I was telling you about pickling pickles - from cucumbers. SO many things come from the simply cucumber; pickles and relish to name the only two I can think of.

Anyways, I only plant pickling cucumbers for some reason. They are terrible to eat raw so I dont know why I continue to plant them as regular eating cukes are just as good as picking cukes for pickling, but pickling cukes are terrible eatin cukes. Now I'm confused.

This is an easy one - Ball brand makes a Bread and Butter pickle seasoning that you add a few other ingredients to and you are good to go. 




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