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Home Saw Mill

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on January 24 2017

Nothing like having friends with cool toys.  And what better toy to have than your own saw mill?  Well I suppose this isn't so much of a toy to my friend Danny as it is a much needed tool to run his business - either way it is awesome.

Able to take logs up to 20" in diameter this beast runs along a track and is gas powered.  this means if you could trek it in to the woods and set up a track you could build a log cabin anywhere you have a flat service - I dream of the possibilities.  

Danny had some pine logs drying for close to a year when I approached him with a need for some rough cut lumber for my platform bed project and he was happy to help cut some up to help in making of a real bed for me.

If I had the room, the access to big logs and space to store them while they aged I would be all over something like this  - for now, its good to have friends.



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