Herb Stripping

Herb Stripping

Herb Stripping

Tedious. The first word that comes to mind when picking the leaves off of thyme , lavender or especially oregano. All those tiny little leaves, trying hard to not to include any stems – All while the sauce is bubbling over.

Sure, I could have practiced mise en place – but of course I didn’t, as usual. So instead, I scramble as everything is cooking.

This handy all-natural New England hardwood herb stripper made from black walnut will be your go to in the kitchen. When working with herbs and some other leafy veggies this is the one and it will help you clean up at the end.

Featuring a smooth surface and hand rubbed finish this herb stripper has holes of varying widths to handle the smallest – or biggest herbs you throw at it. So far I have tried mint, basil and rosemary – and it worked wonderfully on each.

Ensuring our wood products are made from sustainably harvested natural New England hardwoods is at the core of everything we do and make. No garbage plastics, no toxic fumes – just a beautifully designed kitchen instrument to make things a bit easier and add a touch of whimsy to what can be the daily monotony.

Do you absolutely need this beautiful black walnut herb stripper in your kitchen drawer? Absolutely not. You will live, prosper and be just fine without it – trust me. Will it help save time and a few grey hairs?  Yes, yes it will.

Everyone starts out with a knife and your collection of kitchen gadgets goes from there. A good knife, a better knife, a much better knife. A juicer, melon baller, garlic press, whisk, zester, measuring cups, measuring spoons – the list goes on and on. I strive to buy wood, metal or glass whenever possible. It kills me to buy plastic anything – but sometimes that’s all there is.

With each passing day I am hating plastic more and more. It is inescapable and everywhere. Packaging, products we package plastic products in plastic packaging. All disposable, much of itsingle use. It should be a crime, maybe one day it will.

While we wait for that I can offer wood products that have been sustainably sourced. All of the trees that come in to the lumbermill I work with are from the immediate area. They don’t travel far. And threes I work with, black walnut, maple, ambrosia maple, cherry, butternut – they all needed to come down for one reason or another. The Ambrosia beetle is decimating some stands of maple making the wood beautiful at the same time killing the tree. Other trees might get taken down because they simply get too big and are putting the house in jeopardy with the next storm.

I feel good about RusticWares products. We make items out of wood that are meant to be used. There must be 1,000 homes with a RusticWares cutting board, charcuterie board or wooden utensil in their kitchen. I don’t like stuff – I don’t mind making a house a home with things you have accumulated from travels or gifts or scores at a flea market – but mass-produced garbage filling your home is not the way.

Buy products from wherever made from renewable sources – or even better, don’t buy anything at all

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