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Grilled Quesadillas

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on August 25 2017

For most people grilling season hits it's peak around July 4th, dead of summer, and consists of hot dogs and hamburgers. We do things a bit differently in Redding.

 grilled quesadillas

In my mind - there is no more perfect meal to prepare on the grill than a quesadilla.  Gooey, melted cheese packaged with grilled steak, chicken or veggies all in a crispy tortilla that can stand up to the heaviest of dipping condiments - it is a guaranteed crowd pleaser no matter who your audience is.

Making quesadillas on the grill is exceedingly simple but there are a few steps so pay attention.

The guts: chicken, steak or veggies. Either of these is a good choice, I make a few different kids so everyone is a winner, but of course you have to do all of this ahead of time - please do not add raw chicken to your quesadilla. I've had salmonella poisoning before - it is serious a bad time. So cook your chicken, steak, saute or grill your veggies all ahead of time.

Once the main filling ingredients are done - now comes the fun and quick part....but first find a brick or two and wrap them in tin foil.

brick wrapped in tin foil

This helps keep everything together.

OK, get your grill nice and hot - if you cooked the other stuff on it, just leave it on and nice and hot. Throw on your first large tortilla and cover one half of it with cheese.  The go ahead and add your chopped veggies like peppers, mushrooms, avocados, onions, eggplant - I don't recommend tomatoes too much as they can get a little watery - and then add your chopped meat if you plan on adding any. 

Don't make this quesadilla too fat o it will have a tendency to fall apart on you.  

Next its time for another layer of cheese which will act as the glue to keep everything together. After the cheese fold it over and drop the brick on top of it all to keep everything in check. Watch the quesadilla carefully, it should only take a minute or two for the tortilla to start to crisp and harden up, after a minute or two - flip it over.

You should see some little black spots on your quesadilla - we call those flavor spots.  At this point you might get some cheese and juice from the veggies running out the sides - completely normal and awesome..

Once you think it is good to go, it probably is.  Having a nice heavy cutting board next to you, transfer it, cut it up in to triangles, then pick it up and place on a serving board or leave it right where it is. 

Now repeat this until everyone is full. I have made this for myself (most of the time) or a house full of parents and kids and everyone loves them. Kids can customize, parents are happy since I am doing the cooking and there is next to zero clean up.

You will be amazed at how easy, quick and delicious they come out.



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