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FDA bans antibacterial soaps

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on October 25 2016

"Recent studies have linked triclosan to a series of disruptions in human and animal health. A University of Chicago study released in July found that triclosanchanged the microbiome inside human guts, and its researchers suggested that exposure could damage developing fetuses."

Well that sure is scary.   Good thing Rustic Wares never used triclosan in our soaps - hell we can't even say - and if we can's say - we don't include it.

In fact our soap is so pure it has less ingredients in it than Ivory and as our tagline states- soap so pure it is embarrassed to see you naked - now that IS pure.

Remember - to please not put carp in and on your body that is not supposed to be there, we have enough to worry about.


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