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DALL-E Charcuterie

Michael Giacopassi

Posted on December 02 2022

AI generated images. Completely new, never rendered, neverseen. What an amazing timeline to be a part of – and this is just the beginning.

AI image tools have been popping up as of late and are now available to the public for free. They are as easy to use as a Google search and provide fascinating insight into the mind of AI. The AI mind is opaque – but getting a glimpse as to how they perceive the world is fascinating

I use “they” because one day AI will become our overlords controlling every manner of life.

Of course, I had to see what the fancy AI thought about charcuterie boards and it provided some interesting images. Much like a Google search, the output is determined by the input. I played around with 3D renders, art renders and a few other options. I figured with the insane explosion of charcuterie board popularity, the amount of internet copy and tagged imagesdevoted to the topic it should have a pretty good grasp of what a charcuterie board is and how to render one for me, and I was right.

The one thing I love about the charcuterie board hysteria these days is almost all of the boards are made from wood. Sure there are those that are made from imported wood from Vietnam, Thailand or Africa and they are super cheap down at the big box stores. That is an unfortunate side effect – but at least they are still all natural right?

However – imagine buying a board that was shipped here from Vietnam when we have millions and millions and billions of trees right here in the United States? The $12 they charge for it doesn’t even cover the cost of the wood, the shipping, or the environmental impact. Oh well a fight for another day.

All RusticWares boards come from New England or New York, are milled and kiln dried in Connecticut and then brough to my woodshop for further refinement and delivered to you. Sustainable is the name of the game and stewardship over the natural forests and respect for the trees is priority #1.

And who knows where our AI overlords will take us in the decades and generations to come – but for now, enjoy a sampling of their take on charcuterie boards.

Cone to think of it - although the AI is good - its not great. I have seen much better layouts, presentations and beautifully filled charcuterie boards from photos our customers send in. I love seeing the new combinations people come up with, ideas and foods I would have never dreamed of show up on some of the most creative and amazing boards I have ever seen.

Never get discouraged if you think your charcuterie board isn’t as good as an instagram one you just saw. Most likely they copied someone or have years experience. Yours wont be perfect the first time, and if it is, it wont be the second time around. Like anything it takes patience, time, skill and a little bit of luck to get everything to come together.

Remember, remember, please remember  - competition is the thief of joy. You do you, dont worry about what anyone else is doing.


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